About Us

About Us

Glorious past and Still Better Future


The company with a sincere movtice of dedicated service was laun-ched at madras in the year 1945 by the founder father shri shanty Lal M. Dave.


The present dynamic and result oriented young man mr. vipin S. Dave joined the team,and put the company in to vigorous activitles.


Thought the initial clientale was motivated and channelized from Madras but to serve and meet the demands of the ever growing patrons from the Districts of Andhra Pradesh, the company launched its first Branch at Vijayawada.

M/s Hindustan Ferodo Ltd shared their sales activities and chose to appoint us stockists for their products at Vijayawada.


Keeping activities centralized at Vijayawada. Company through its Dynamtic and competent personnel extended services to the potential customers of Twin Cities and Telangana. And finally landed at Secundeabad, and lanched another Branch at Ranigunj to serve the valued patrons.

Satisfied with our proven ability and target motivation of customers and result Oriented approach M/s Hindustan ferodo Ltd extended their Dealership to us at Secunderabad.


Yet another feather to our cap-M/s usha martin Black Ltd appo- inted us their agent for Rayalseema and telangana Districts.


M/s Garware Synthetics pvt Ltd Entrusted another Challenging Assignment on us,when they appointed us as dealers for Teflon & Nylon products.

Imageine a700% growth in business turnover in just a span of 13 years (1968-1981). Yes!we have achieved this, because our aims were positive approach penetrating and execution

Our Feature

We are shourtly to Lauch aManufacturing unit for Teflon,nylon and poly propelence components like.

Gear-Bushes- Gaskets- End fittings- Bolts- Nuts and other components.