Wire Rope Electrical Hoist

  • Manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company Assured quality and Interchangeability of parts
  • Truely Modular Construction Easily accessible separate brake, motor, drum, gear box & panel unit.
  • Seamless Pipe Accurately Machined rope drum. Long Life.
  • Unique and sturdy rope guide Arrangement Prevents rope slackening and easy change of rope.
  • Precision Machine Cut case-Hardened Alloy steal gears. Noiseless Operation Long life
  • Fail safe Disc Brake Trouble free operation and ease of adjustment
  • Built in Control Panel with Std. Electricals Ready to use

Specifications/Dimensions (mm)
Capacitykgs500 (WRHN-0)1000 (WRHN-0)2000 (WRHN)3000 (WRHN)4000 (WRHN)
No of falls
Hoist SpeedMPM5553.32.5
Trolley SpeedMPM2020202017
Hoist MotorHP1.5(1.11 KW)1.5(1.11 KW)3(2.2 KW)3(2.2 KW)3(2.2 KW)
Trolley MotorHP0.5(0.37 KW)0.5(0.37 KW)0.5(0.37 KW)0.5(0.37 KW)0.5(0.37 KW)
CHead Roommm67076095011951040
DMin.Beam Heightmm100150175175250
EMin.'I' BeamISBMR1-70R2-150R1-70R2-150R1-90R2-160R1-90R2-160125
Max.'I' BeamISBM150210150210160210160210210
FMin. Flangemm125=G*160=G*125=G*160=G*145=G*170=G*145=G*170=G*163=G*
Max. Flangemm380395380395178=G*
GMin. Flangemm350390350390395420395420412
Max. Flangemm390420390420457
CHead Room With (OLD)mm7708601200--
All Dimension Are in mm
(Data Tolerance +/- 10%)


  • When Cross Travel Motor on this side.
  • Creep speed of 1:4 can be supplied at extra cost with 60 mm increase in dimensions A & K.
  • Bogie trolley can be supplied at extra cost for operation on curved path min. radius of curvature of 1 metre with head room dimensions 'C' increased by 100 mm.
  • Trolley Brake can be supplied at extra cost and dimension 'G' will be increased by 125 mm.
  • Optional¬† Trolley Speeds (MPM) = 1.6, 3.2, 5.1, 6.8, 10 upto 3 Tons and 1.9, 2.8, 4.1, 8.2, 11.6, 25.8 for 4 Tons
  • Short head room model can be developed & supplied at extra cost.
  • Overload Limiting Device OR gravity type emergency limit switch can be given at extra cost. Headroom will increase by 300mm.