Geared Monorail Travelling Trolley

Dimensions, Weight and Performance Data
Inside of wheel flanges mmRange 150-13058-15090-160110-150140-170
Range 2140-200150-210160-220160-210180-210
Range 3210-305210-305220-305215-265215-245
A Seat of susp, plate to runner treadRange 1 & 2 mm758911084137
Range 3 mm115129155
B runner tread diametermm506590175225
C runner tread widthmm2025304550
D runner centrespush mm7090125--
Geared mm-128157253313
E underside of runner to suspension platemm182828--
F underside of runners to top of mm101106123--
hand chain wheel, geared travel only
G beam flange to shaft endmm-124124180275
H overall width, pushRange 1 mm210248276--
travel onlyRange 2 mm320320340
Range 3 mm410410425
J Crossbolt to track centrelineRange 1track-58-100100-126170210
on ungeared side widths J mm132152
(geared trolleys only)track-100-140126-153
widths J mm120134
Range 2track-140-156153-192200225
widths J mm164184
widths J mm152166
Range 3track-210-263216-263225240
widths J mm238205
widths J mm205213
K depth of plateRange 1, 2 & 3 mm212134--
L overall length(Push) mm160200275--
(geared) mm238290550690
M underside of runner to flange (Push) mm6075105--
N underside of runner to gear tip (geared) mm-90115--
Minimum rados of track(Push)125015001500--
curve mm(geared)-1500150026003200
Push travel weight in Kg.Range 1410.518.5--
Range 24.51120
Range 36.514.525.5
Geared travel weight in kgRange 1-11.52070151
Range 2-12.521.572153
Range 3-161775155


  • Nominal 1.5 mm clearance to be allowed from edge of track flange to inside of wheel flange (3 mm overall on both side)
  • Overall width of geared travel trolleys - J + (1/2 x track width) + G. On 500 to 2500 Kg. units when using the narrower track widths the cross bolt adjusting washers are to be assembled such that the end of the cross bolt is clear of the hand chain wheel.
  • Weight of trolleys only exclude hand chain. Hand chain is 0.45Kg/m per linear length up to and including 2t capacity.
  • Bottom of hand chain loop is 460 mm from ground level.
  • Pusher bar fixing holes provided in all models.
  • Anti-tip stop fitted to all hand geared versions.
  • Buffers available as on option.